Why we're special

We Are Always Here To Help

We understand that when you are running a busy outlet your time is a precious commodity. Sometimes you just need a little extra help to make sure you get the right product and service to match your precise requirements. We take pride in helping our customers and love going the extra mile to demonstrate our commitment – please feel free to test this by calling our team on 01939 234232 or email sales@bertiesdirect.co.uk.

Totally Independent

At Berties we are not affiliated to any single manufacturer and therefore we have no “favourites” to push or sell. The key benefit to our customers is that from this position we can offer a wide range of options, select product ranges without bias and more importantly advise you what’s going to work best for your specific requirements.

Can’t Find What You Need

If you have searched online and looked through various catalogues but still can’t find what you’re looking for, why not try us and we’ll be delighted to find it for you – just call 01939 234232 or email sales@bertiesdirct.co.uk for a quick reply on what’s available.

Deliveries To Match Your Deadlines

At other times you need to know that your order can be delivered to meet yours or your customers deadlines – we can help by scheduling and tracking deliveries – please feel free to call us on 01939 234232 to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Sample Service

When ordering certain types of product, [for example crockery/cutlery items], it’s important to compare quality, design and suitability. We can arrange fast, free samples on many of our products – email sales@bertiesdirect.co.uk with your contact details and the product range(s) you are interested in and we will call you back to arrange your samples.

Large Volume Quotations

If you are placing large orders exceeding £500 then contact us for a dedicated quote from one of our account managers. They will be able to offer the best possible discounts on numerous selected ranges and take advantage of all current promotional offers. The best deals available can change from week to week so it’s always best to call us first.