This Arcoroc Princesa Wine Glass 19cl LCE 125ml has been fully tempered to make it 5 times stronger but without obvious thickening of the glass- so good looks and strength. The toughening process also means when the glass breaks the shards are not sharp to the touch for extra safety of customers and staff. Princesa has a longer stem to enhance its elegance. Wine sold by the glass requires a stamped measure. The 125 is the standard "small glass of wine", which size needs to be available by law.
Additional Information
Item Wine Glass
Height 165mm
Diameter 69mm
Capacity 19cl/6.75oz
Material Toughened Glass
Brand Arcoroc
Collection Name Princesa
Drinks Measure CE GS Lined at 125ml, CE Mark
Colour Clear

Arcoroc Princesa Wine Glass 19cl/6.75oz LCE 125ml

Product Code: GFPR004

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